Software is Key to Mobility

A mobility concept based on 3 elements

fleetbutler digitizes access and administration of vehicles.
Manage long- and short-term rentals or your own fleet.

The On-Board-System enables keyless access to cars for validated users and transmits data, regardless of car type and brand.
Trips are booked and managed via Web and App. The platform takes care of licence validation, drivers logbooks and accounting.
Carsharing Service
The 24/7 customer support takes care of your drivers. Individual technical guidance is provided during the system introduction.
  • access and interaction via smartphone

  • find my car functionality

  • real time transfer of vehicle data

  • key holder in glove compartment

  • optionally combined with fuel and garage cards

  • installed in max. 1 hour per car

  • removal and transferable to other cars

Carsharing Service
  • 24/7 phone support

  • e-mail support

  • technical support

  • live online demonstration (by appointment)

  • assistance during platform introduction

  • sales support

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Gain a benefit by becoming a part of the fleetbutler platform

Offer an attractive mobility solution
  • Provide fleetbutlerPOOL- your solution for closed corporate sharing models

  • Provide fleetbutlerRENT - your solution for long-term and short-term rentals

  • benefit from the advantages of automated accounting

  • increase revenue per car

  • analyse your fleet in real time

  • benefit from collection and payment service

Optimize your mobility
  • use flexible mobility solutions suiting your needs

  • increase utilization of your vehicles

  • offer 24/7 access to vehicles via smartphone

  • analyse your vehicle details in real time

  • reduce the rental fees of your vehicles by enlarging the range of users

  • increase your attractiveness by permitting private usage of company vehicles

  • benefit from an unlimited number of drivers

  • optimize your inner processes with the digital logbook as determined by the tax authority

Flexibility and Mobility
  • benefit from accessing cars right from your workspace

  • book vehicles digitally via the app or web

  • open cars keylessly via the app

  • save money by using your company vehicles with attractive rates privately

  • in case of questions please contact the 24/7 carsharing service

Benefits of fleetbutler
Digital Reservation
Digital Reservation

Simplify your reservation process with an intuitive web-based booking service. By using fleetbutler, the drivers may create bookings by themselves what reduces previously required administrative efforts.

Keyless Access
Keyless Access

Authorized users gain access to vehicles – after booking time slots online or via app. Unlocking and locking the car is executed with the fleetbutler smartphone app. During the trip the driver uses the original ignition key.

Efficient Administration
Efficient Administration

Concentrating all bookings in one platform will optimize your processes and communication channels. Administrative effort is reduced through the keyless access, the automating functions and the standardised processes.

Automated logbook
Automated logbook

Simplify managing your logbooks. All relevant data are transferred in real time. Differentiate between private and business drives and hereby expand the service to your employees. Find out more »

Real time Data
Real time Data

Analyse bookings, occupation and revenue in real time. Additionally, receive relevant vehicle data right on your screen.

Data security
Data security

fleetbutler meets highest data protection standards and processes data exclusively according to your order. Your data is encrypted and get processed by a certified data centre. Find out more »

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